Military CemeteryWDL墳場地段香港

WDL68 歌連臣角軍人墳場

// 歌連臣角軍人墳場 Cape Collinson Military Cemetery
W.D. Lot 68 / MODL 3 / CWIL 164 1967-1997 //

建於 1967 歌連臣角軍人墳場, 葬有65 位並非戰爭死亡的陸軍人及海軍,墳場均由英聯邦戰爭公墓委員會管理。 該地段早期稱 W.D. LOT 68, 之後 稱爲 MODL 3. 1997後 改為 CWIL 164.

// The Commission maintains 65 non-war graves on behalf of the Ministry of Defence in this cemetery. The graves, mostly British Army or Royal Navy, cover the period of British rule from 1968 to 1995.

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