WDL1 實習炮台


W.D. Lot No.1 實習炮台 / 皇家工兵食堂及 宿舍


軍部於1905 向 香港殖民地政府以HK$3,885 購入,用於建設實習炮台。於1930年代初 擴建成有3個炮台的 銀禧炮台(英語:Jubilee Battery)但是後者,因為戰爭期間未有完成正式的土地交收程序!簡單來講,是軍部佔用,戰後交還政府。

1945年8月香港重光後,WDL No.1 最初被駐港英軍作為皇家工兵的食堂及 宿舍,之後部分原址被改建為域多利道扣押中心。於2013年通過活化古蹟的方式,在盡量保留原有建築風貌的要求下交由芝加哥大學改建為香港校區校舍。
從軍部地界測量圖,設有13粒界石,但現在暫時只 找到 WDBS#2,WDBS#9 及WDBS#10. 其中 WDBS#9 因工程關係,在地底發現了另外2 粒不同時期的WDBS#9.
而現存的WDBS#2,WDBS#9 及WDBS#10和其他WDL 的麻石界石存在很大分別,WDL No1 現存界石是使用三合土制成,而且標準並不相同,應該是1950年代改建為皇家工兵的食堂及宿舍期間設置。
Site for Practice Battery, Mount Davis 1905 , know as Jubilee Battery and The Hong Kong Jockey Club University of Chicago Academic Complex nowadays.
This land is Freehold War department Property.Its area is 0 acre 3 Roods 8/10 pole. It was purchased in 1905 from the civil government at a price fixed by arbitration of $ 3,885.*
The no. 1 fort was first built for practice purpose. In the 30’s before the WWII begins, they extended the use of the area and built no.2 & no.3 fort ready to defence Hong Kong coastal area. The extended forts land boundary were not officially included in the WDL 1.
After the Liberation of Hong Kong, the site was resettle as the British Army Royal Engineers (REs) recreational use for about 10 years. War Department sold it to the British Hong Kong Government, effective in 1961, for use by the Hong Kong Police Force become the Victoria Road Detention Centre.
In 2013 the heritage building and facility redesigned as the campus for The Hong Kong Jockey Club University of Chicago Academic Complex. As part of the heritage preservation project, which converted the Grade 3 historic buildings for exhibit the detention centre and the Jubilee Battery. Provide public education and tour about this historical site.
There were 13 boundary stones / marker listed on the Military Survey Map. Only WDBS#2,WDBS#9 and WDBS#10 were found on the marked location. During the refurbishment, two concrete made WDBS#9 was found. They are distinctive from the original granite marker and may be set by the REs.
*Record from Particulars of Military property, Reserves and Lettings in Hongkong by Colonel J.F. LEWIS 1905

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